My 5 Favorite Photographic Spots in Penang - By Kate Looi

Street art completely made with wires! Local residents of Penang love being extraordinary & this proves it. I like to call this piece of art Artistic Wires since nobody has given it a name yet.Or, tell me if you know of a more suitable title? This piece of art has existed a long time ago but due to it being created before the era of social media & Facebook, it is not as popular as the other mural paintings

Personally, I like this more for its eternity in meaning. Each of these street art collections comes with a short description and is about the living style in past times. It is how this lovely city always gives me surprise.

1. Penang Street Art These mural paintings have touched up the ancient and historic feeling of Penang as a cultural city. Up to most recent times, it has been ranked as the champion of Penang as it has become the latest must-see spots in the city. The number of mural paintings around the city is so wide & vast that even some locals haven’t visited all of them!

2. Penang Hill I understand that Penang Hill is a typical tourist spot such as the Kek Lok Si temple. Taking a funicular ride uphill, this is a great place to relax your mind with the cool breeze and panoramic cityscape. Recently, an inspiration for photography came to my mind. Train your nature photography skill at Penang Hill! Have a walk on the hill instead of taking the golf buggy. If you are a vigorous hiker, you could hike to the hill top while enjoying the greenery. The trail is not too steep and extreme for the less-exercise travelers. You would see other local hikers along the way so you definitely would feel welcomed here.

3. Penang Peranakan Mansion You will always learn to see beauty in everything when you have the passion for photography. Out of this somewhat ordinary museum, it allows you to see, touch and feel most of the legacy this mansion has to offer. It is a museum full of Baba-and-Nyonya style furnishing. Personally, I will say that it is a great photo shooting location for vintage portraiture or pre-wedding photo shoots. Stepping into this house, it is an authentic complimentary of this modern city. It is a pity that it does not provide accommodation services! While you are here you get pulled back by time & reminiscence about the beauty & nostalgia of the Penang Peranakan Mansion.

4. Clan Jetties People who adore Penang (Hands up please!) have a hearty feeling with the sea. Enjoy the wonderful sunrise or sunset view there and ready your camera to snap the fabulous skyline.

5. Delicious Penang Food Alright, Penang is a food haven. How could you forget your food adventure while in Penang? Whatever your travel interest is, you must satisfy your stomach. Record down all different cuisines and show them to your family and friends to tempt their hunger. Tantalize their local Chao Kuey Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Cendol and so on. Even I myself could not resist the pictures because I have heard complaints from my stomach already. The Penang discovery never ends. Share more photographic spots with me so that the length of my photography spots in penang is undefined!

Author: Kate Looi

I’m Kate. I’m a twenty-something girl born in Ipoh, Perak. Penang is my mother’s hometown, and therefore our family has often visited here, until today I’m based in this heritage city for almost a year. I love the salty air, the tranquil beach and the local Hokkien dishes. I believe that camera is the best travel partner and so I have my Canon EOS1100D to record down every lively moment. Sometimes, my Blackberry is of useful assistance for few quick snaps. It is proud to say that “I’m Malaysian, and I love travelling around the cities in Malaysia!” It would be a dream comes true to travel all across the country one day hopefully!

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