From Aquaria KLCC, you can also choose whether to exit to KLCC Park or visit KLCC Convention Centre. The two elevators will take you to those places depending on what you’re planning to do next. KLCC Convention Centre is nothing more than a complex with halls for conventions, seminars, and important events. However, the park can be something you don’t want to miss. If the weather allows it, I suggest you to take a stroll at KLCC Park. This outdoor section of KLCC provides a green environment for its visitors and it is also the main reason of why it becomes my favorite meeting point with my friends. It is complete with a section for jogging, picnic, and benches for people who wish to just sit and talk. For children who like to play with water, there is a place for them where they can enjoy playing with waves in shallow water. If you happen to be here, do spend a little more time and wait for something magnificent at the fountain nearby. There is also a public toilet and a mosque provided for visitors. It is also a scenic environment with a background of Kuala Lumpur city and the Twin Towers. If you happen to bring your camera along, make sure to take a picture of yourself with the towers. They can be viewed completely from the park, especially on the bridge crossing Symphony Lake. The towers are built to hold offices and entering inside them is prohibited unless you know someone who is working inside with an access card. However, you can instead get a ticket to climb up to the observation deck and enjoy the breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur city. I have been up there once when the towers were just built and the entrance was almost free of people. I was so amazed when I stood on the bridge connecting the two towers and saw the beautiful view that is Kuala Lumpur.

Author: Scha Iriney

Hi, my name is Scha Iriney. I spent most of my childhood in Perak, Malaysia. As soon I got accepted into university, I moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2001. I have been living in this city ever since, I got married and have a family here. This is the city that never fails to surprise me. I love how happening the city gets, and how joyful it is when it comes to doing street photography. I’m never bored with new events and activities going on around here. And that’s also why I’m always with my Sony SLT-A57K camera. Taking quick snapshots around the city becomes much easier!

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